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Lynn Bechler for

State Senate


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“Our district deserves representation that reflects the economic and moral values of the District. Whether it be at work, in school, or any other aspect of daily life, we need to know that our elected representatives will take our concerns to heart. The strength of our district is our people and I look forward to working with you to gain your trust.”

- Former State Representative Lynn Bechler

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After his engineering career, Lynn Bechler headed to Frankfort to serve in the House of Representatives.


During his decade in Frankfort, Lynn championed conservative legislative efforts like protecting the unborn, defending the right to bear arms, and fighting against illegal immigration. Additionally, he was instrumental in seeing that legislation was passed to lower and ultimately remove the state income tax. He is proud of his record as a strong conservative and hopes to bring those conservative values to the State Senate.

Lynn's motivation comes from his faith and goal of making Kentucky a better place for his twelve grandchildren.

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